What is this repository for?

  • This is the website for IRC Logs of the Section 3 IRC channels

Where can I find you on IRC?

  • We primarily reside currently on Mibbit in #halo5
  • We also have an Off-topic channel #OT that can be used to chat about non-halo related subjects. We recommend moving to off-topic when there is ARG / Puzzle / Important matters being discussing in the main channel

Mibbit? Why not Freenode where you can get hostmasks?

  • Believe me when I say I wish this was done early on
  • Mibbit was chosen for reasons unknown (may be discovered by searching through old waypoint forum threads from the start of the Halo 4 ARG)
  • As we have a well known history on Mibbit since 2012, it made sense to stay rather than uproot everything
  • Mibbit has a web client that works relatively well, useful for new members that don't have experience with IRC
  • It is possible that we may alter the structure of our IRC channels, but it remains the same for the foreseeable future

What IRC Logs are held here?

  • #halo4arg - The main Halo 4 ARG (This channel is now closed and redirects to #halo5)
  • #Catalog - A channel for discussing Halo lore and the HaloWaypoint Catalog account (This channel is now inactive)
  • #alphalupi - A short ARG for Bungie's Destiny game (This channel is now inactive)
  • //CLASSIFIED - redacted (user does not have permission to view channel details)
  • Other channels may be logged depending on their importance

Are logs provided on a daily or monthly basis?

  • Primary logs are provided as daily downloads and also as a monthly bulk download (for search purposes)
  • Logs are not always uploaded on a daily basis, but as soon as possible afterwards
  • Worth noting that logs are set to the GMT timezone unless otherwise stated

Wowza, how long have you been logging these channels for?

  • I have been keeping a personal log since November 12th 2012 and my faithful laptop has been running and logging 24/7 since then
  • At times of power cuts and various other losses, I am grateful to other members who have passed on logs to keep things up to date

Cool, anything else I should know if I want to join?

  • We ask that you please use your Halo Waypoint username or your Xbox Live gamertag as your username when joining, as it helps us to match things up between the forums and chat.
  • If your username is quite long, we will usually allow you to use a shorter form
  • We are not always active, so if you join and no-one is talking we are possibly just busy, sleeping or not checking the screen. Feel free to idle until someone shows up
  • If you know anything about programming, binary/base64/hexadecimal, things like that, please feel free to jump in and help us with puzzle solving
  • If you're a fan of text based adventures, we'll usually be able to hit that spot for you too
  • If there is ARG related activity, please try not to interrupt with random chat but feel free to help if you think you can
  • We have a lot of in-jokes, so please don't be put off if you don't understand. We're happy to try and explain if we can
  • Grollo <3

Sounds like fun. Do you guys talk about or do anything other than ARG stuff?

  • We do, we talk about loads of stuff - games, news, sport, technology, programming, to name a few
  • A few of us usually party up for some Halo matches. Generally 4v4, depending who is online and available
  • We've done Halo campaign runs in the past and will probably continue to in the future
  • Planned game nights are rare, but a lot of fun when they do happen. Expect laughs and youtube videos
  • If you want to chat about things other than Halo, come join us in #OT