It should be noted that there is a lot of strong language used in these logs, which includes some obscenities used by passing trolls. I have intentionally not filtered or changed this in any way to both preserve the timeline of the logs and to prevent accidental removal of any posts.

Logs are provided as is, you are free to read them but do so at your own risk. I will not hold myself accountable for any offence you may take at their contents, with the exception noted below.

The exception to this rule has been the posting of a telephone number in the IRC channel. I do not believe that this information should be held in these logs and have thusly removed it. It is not fair for that person to have their telephone number made available to the public without their knowledge or approval, regardless of whether they have posted it elsewhere or not. I will remove any further information like this from these logs.

If you notice anything like this that I have missed, please contact me:

halo [at] stckr [dot] co.uk.